Apr 142014
From larger images and larger tweet size, to new capabilities for tweeting, such as pinning and filtering, there are changes coming in Twitter you need to be aware of. They are laid out well, here, thanks to the folks at SocialMediaHat.com "These days, it's all about the Big Images. "Following in the footsteps of Google+ and the other networks, Twitter has overhauled your profile page to use a much larger header image (cover photo), as well as a larger profile image. These changes reflect the current trends in social media with users wanting to express themselves with larger and larger Read more [...]
Feb 242014
How we interact on Social Media changes constantly, and what is acceptable behavior seemed to be morphing as well.  You don't want to push too hard, post too much, look spammy or self-promoting... I tell my clients to err on the side of "less is more" but you need to be visible.  But how do you find the right middle ground? Here is a very good article on behaviors to avoid in the world of Social Media: Thanks to Smart Blog on Social Media: Q&A:  Here is an excerpt:   "I was happily surprised that all the things that were annoying me about social media were annoying other Read more [...]
Aug 112013
Found a very helpful article, from   Small Biz Survival, entitled, "Filtering Twitter: Going from mostly noise to all conversation."  Yes please!  It gives great ideas of using Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and filter settings to reduce the amount of NOISE we all see in Twitter all the time: automatic tweets and thank yous, broadcast announcements, and cross-posts from Facebook.  It can get hard to find the good things from all the weight of STUFF  that pours out every day. Check it out! Small Biz Survival       Read more [...]
Dec 212012
I found a great article that really resonated with me about Twitter, and how to use it.  The author captured so much of how I feel about it, and offers really good suggestions. He explains the way to use lists, to clean up your twitter feed and make the whole thing more manageable. Have fun!   Many thanks to brasstackthinking.com for this helpful post: Here is a little piece - go read the whole thing - it is really good: Lists Are The Solution You don’t have to follow someone to see their posts. Most people don’t realize this. You can put them on a list and see their Read more [...]
Aug 052012
Social Media Tips Social Media Do's 1. Focus on the content - share knowledge • It’s not about you • It’s about what you know 2. Trade useful information for attention • Will your followers look forward to your next communication? • Will they be inspired to share/tweet/comment on this information? 3. Be the expert Social Media Don'ts What NOT to include in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. updates: • Don’t pitch • Don’t overtly self-promote • Don’t offer incentives to get reviews or sharing • Don’t stray from your areas of business • Don’t Read more [...]
Jul 092012

Neil Patel of Entrepreneur has collated these 10 tools to help you be time-efficient and successful using Social Media sites. Thanks to him and Entrepreneur!

List of 10 Great Social Media Tools

Nov 162010
Thanks to : bnet.com Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Vancouver-based HootSuite, a popular social media dashboard for groups, who offered five tips for tweeting entrepreneurs. * Take off your selling hat. “You should think of Twitter as nine parts fun, interesting, engaging information and one part soft marketing,” says Holmes. “People tune out to self-promotional messaging.” If you establish yourself as a source of news, tips, and useful information on your industry, then your followers will be more receptive when you move (subtly) into promotion mode. * Don’t open the floodgates. Read more [...]
Oct 072010
Companies that self promote to the exclusion of all other forms of interactivity really don't succeed. It is all about interactivity - that personal connection... helping out the other guy. My clients ask me about this all the time, and I tell them I break it down into percentages, for the sake of scheduling, and keeping track of what I am doing for them in their online presence: 20% of the time I post a personal note or tweet This may be something about my day, something I saw that made me think, something that touched me, something I learned from, and want to share. 20% of the time I am Read more [...]
Sep 082010

These are great: “Top 10 Social Media Articles That You Might Have Missed ” http://bit.ly/9P6MqK

With thanks to http://www.socialmedia247.co.uk/ for posting this on twitter. I find the coolest articles on Twitter!

Have a great day, and if you’re in the Northeast, hope you still have power, and have not MELTED. I swear, yesterday I felt like all that would be left of me were red sparkly shoes!