Mar 072011
Monday February 28, 2011 by David Dorf   For full article, Click here: "Using Facebook to Capture Customers Here is a good article, by David Dorf: Harvard Business Review Using Facebook to Capture Customers A central tenet of retailing is to put stores near customers. Now that 600 million potential customers are on Facebook, retailers are flocking to the site and aggressively experimenting with new communication strategies. Here are five ways they're connecting with customers on Facebook. Promotions For retailers, the key is to treat "fans" differently than other customers Read more [...]
Mar 092010

Nice Social Media tips for traveling, from the Harvard Business Review;

I spend quite a bit of time flying back and forth to LA, so I work on the road, from a hotel room, in an airport- I love this new technology that means we can be anywhere and be productive!