Feb 242014
How we interact on Social Media changes constantly, and what is acceptable behavior seemed to be morphing as well.  You don't want to push too hard, post too much, look spammy or self-promoting... I tell my clients to err on the side of "less is more" but you need to be visible.  But how do you find the right middle ground? Here is a very good article on behaviors to avoid in the world of Social Media: Thanks to Smart Blog on Social Media: Q&A:  Here is an excerpt:   "I was happily surprised that all the things that were annoying me about social media were annoying other Read more [...]
Jan 132014
Wondering about Twitter's favorite button? Using it willy-nilly and hoping it might get you noticed, and aid your business in some way? There is a very helpful article here, all about the Favorite Button, from Media Bistro (they so often do provide useful info!)  Check it out! 5 Ways to Use twitter's Favorite Button "We’ve written before about how to use favorites, but since these little yellow stars pack quite a powerful punch, we’ve rounded up five more ways to use favorites, as recommended by real Twitter power users...." READ MORE       Read more [...]
Jan 022014
Nearly 50% of Business Leaders Plan to Increase Budgets for Social Media for 2014              I'm not surprised. A recent survey from StrongView, a marketing solutions provider, showed almost half (46%) of business leaders surveyed plan to increase their spending on social media this year.  It has been moving in this direction steadily over the last 10 years – when was the last time you used a real Yellow Pages? Exactly.   Read more of this survey, from the recent article in Business Insider.                Read more [...]
Dec 162013
Aren't hashtags confusing? And used too much they look spammy, in my view. Here is a good article explaining the way to use them. Thanks to the Content Marketing Institute website:   Here is a portion of the article: "If the hashtag possessed the ability to feel, it would surely have an identity crisis. It’s been mistaken for a number sign and a pound sign. It also bears an uncanny resemblance to the sharp sign in music, as well as a Chinese character that describes an ancient system of distributing land. Yes, life for this humble metadata tag would be mighty confusing. As it Read more [...]
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Dec 062013
  Here is an interesting take on the whole thing, from The Social Media Hat. I have been telling my clients for some time now that I'm not sure Facebook pays off for business anymore. So have a read of this and see if you agree?     Click here for the Social Media Hat article, "Why You Should Opt Out of Facebook Advertising."           Read more [...]
Nov 222013
I am using (and enjoying) Facebook less and less. I am not alone. Check out this thoughtful article from The New York Times, called "Still on Facebook but Finding Less to Like?" Younger FB members are checking their accounts less often, and of course, they are the adults of the future. Does this mean in ten years or so Facebook may be relegated to the older user? Still a huge market, but definitely a change. Personally, Facebook has become an irritating experience. I have stopped strongly promoting Facebook as a powerful networking and marketing avenue for my new clients, unless they already Read more [...]
Aug 272013
This is a very helpful article, from one of my favorite sites, Mashable.com, for those of you who use and love Facebook, and use and love Skype! Check this out: By Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable.com Did you know that you can connect your Facebook account to Skype? Doing so lets you IM and call your Facebook friends, read your News Feed and even post status updates — all from within the VoIP service.    Click here to go over to Mashable for exact instructions.       Read more [...]
Aug 112013
Found a very helpful article, from   Small Biz Survival, entitled, "Filtering Twitter: Going from mostly noise to all conversation."  Yes please!  It gives great ideas of using Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and filter settings to reduce the amount of NOISE we all see in Twitter all the time: automatic tweets and thank yous, broadcast announcements, and cross-posts from Facebook.  It can get hard to find the good things from all the weight of STUFF  that pours out every day. Check it out! Small Biz Survival       Read more [...]
Jun 112013
My clients ask me all the time: How do I get consistent with Social Media postings and interaction? It is simple, really.  I tell them: schedule yourself as a client. Just put yourself in your calendar or booking software as a client, pick a time, and then work for yourself as if you were a client you had a meeting with! Don't let your own marketing fall to the bottom of the heap! Google Plus Read more [...]
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May 152013
Clients often want to know how to make heads or tails of Facebook, with all of its changes, and weird little eccentricities. I do not find their support or help sections all that user-friendly. I often conduct "Facebook 101" and "201" with clients on the phone, but for your own self-help, I do suggest you take a look at Mashable's guides to Facebook. Check it out! Mashable's Facebook guides and tutorials "Facebook is the world's leading social network, with over 300 million users and more than 900 employees. But how do you get the most out of it? To answer this question and more, Mashable Read more [...]