Diana Soloman, VA, Writer/Editor, WordPress sites, Social Media

My skill set is varied!  Writing, editing, researching, creating/maintaining WordPress sites, creating and sending newsletters, social media marketing, broad business support, business coaching.

OK, down to the details: I have written, ghost-written, and/or edited eight books, the most recent of which is “More Than Just  a Voice” for Dave Courvo Courvoicier.   Also, “House-Coach: Make Your Home a Soul Oasis!” by Kirsten Stenu, a Martha Beck life coach, and “Plug In YOUR Kick-Ass Life,” by Denuelle Meyer (life coach). I took several books all the way through the CreateSpace and Kindle process on Amazon for her. (http://www.amazon.com/Plug-Your-Kick-Ass-Life/dp/1482065983)

Working virtually with clients for the last twelve years, I have created dozens of WordPress websites and continue to maintain several for clients. I also write/maintain newsletters and email campaigns using Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and 1shopping cart.I an internet “power user” who can find pretty much anything through researching skills. I brainstorm with my clients for the success of their businesses, planning and writing or editing their blog postings, PR copy, newsletters, etc. I write blogs for clients, then grab “teaser” tweets and LI and Facebook posts from them. I link and pre-schedule using all the tools I am sure you know: Tweetadder, Hootsuite, etc. This helps to create a following and an “expert-in-the-field,” “thought-leader” status online.

My personal talents include enthusiasm, creative and strategic thinking, good communication skills, both leading and team-playing, humor, kindness, and keeping my eye on the ball. I am quick, very smart, highly conscientious, and my clients tell me that when they ask me to figure something out, or help with something, they can then forget all about it. Because it’s done.